Vittorio Amadio, a voyager who never stops imagining and creating

On his paintings he releases overlapping shapes of colour, and on the raw be, he impresses endless signs and wefts: traces of his creative flair come to life on canvas, wood and stone. Vittorio Amadio’s art is volcanic, passionate and  unstoppable. It’s the result of a conscious  and contemporary creativity, the expression of a consciousness capable of an indefinite imagination and of an endless creative intelligence.

The work of art is a safety valve for my conscience, my present, my contemporaneity. Art is not insensibility or unconsciousness, but it’s the synthesis of my consciousness, my conclusions and my thoughts. According to any artist, the creative production derives from the sum of all these factors. Painting and sculpture represent the plasticity of the ideas, which Vittorio Amadio imprints on  canvas and on other different materials. Colours take shape, the matter assumes natural and concrete outlines, which melt with an abstract, imaginative world. The big, huge canvas are pure colour, endlessly in motion.

The sculptures, simple and primitive, express a contemporary torment, which can be lightly touched with the hands. The wooden totems, deeply carved by a complex and interlaced design, are the real, tangible evidence of an art that deals with the essence of things, an art which is free from any bound or rule regarding shapes, materials or techniques. The pattern and the woodcut are the expression of the most mindful and conscious part of the artist’s soul and of his keen conscience, infused with lines and colours. You cannot have boundaries when you produce a work of art. Vittorio Amadio’s artistic production is expressed with simplicity and captures you with naturalness, through signs enlivened by passion.

Creativity is the fruit of the impact with the world, of a personal interpretation of things. Otherwise a creative production would not exist. Art itself would not exist.

His companion since a lifetime, Marisa Marconi, shares with him this sensible and sensual creativity as well as the passionate involvement in arts. This sculptress of delicate expressiveness lets the raw materials express herself and their own nature in a non-solved strain between lost and found forms, raw and smoothed surfaces, all merging in a mysterious and fascinating way.