The Charm of the Image Theatre: the “Carmina Burana”

The fantastic visions and the creative entertainment by the “Company of Fools” are back, with the medieval goliardery of  Carmina Burana. Inspired by the work of  the composer Carl Orff, who turned the original poems into  magic lyrics, made of music, singing and dancing, the Company created this performance that embodies the desire to make dreams real, like nothing else.

Suggesting images, involving people’s senses and arousing their emotions, astonishing and enchanting the public with spells, dancing and graceful flights, fierce fightings, colors and fire.

The charm of the image is the actual key of every performance by “ The Company of Fools”, perfectly harmonic and able to fascinate through brand-new ideas and great choreographic variants.

Carmina Burana’s images are strong and suggestive, resulting from an accurate design of the performance, studied in every detail. Dazzling fireworks, acrobatics in the air, technologies and machinaries for outstanding visual effects, all in order to produce a spectacular concert of  bodies and lights, in music.

Fantastic images mingle with reality in a non-stop whirl of ideas and artistic creativity. More spectacular and moving than ever, Carmina Burana by “The Company of Fools” brings to life again colors, mysteries and the unique atmosphere of Middle Age, like in a dream.