Cupra Marittima and the experience of the archaeological sites

We are in Cupra Marittima, a little town on the coast of the beautiful Riviera delle Palme.

History has the leading role today, the most ancient history, the one that is reconstructed step by step through the marvellous discoveries and the attentive care of the expert archaeologists.

So we are now going to speak about archaeology  and we are going to venture into its secrets. The Piceno offers a new and incredible cultural possibility if you have a passion for history or if you simply want to get to visit and the territory from a different point of view.

The archaeological sites and the cultural excursions will involve you personally in excavations and discoveries: real experimental archaeological laboratories in which both adults and children may participate. 

The archaeological sites are part of an initiative within the Archaeological Park of Cupra Marittima, north of the present town. This area is the only site within the Piceno territory to boast recognition as Archaeological Park, thanks to its dimensions and to the integrity of the archaeological assets.

In this Park, that includes the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Cupra, you can for instance discover the mysteries of the fascinating Area of the Ninfeo.