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A date with history

Creative Acting


With Handicraft you will discover the handicrafts, the ancient arte and crafts of the traditional workshops and those of the most innovative ones. A date with history will trace the origin of the Piceno territory, an immersion in thistory, a unique journey into the secrets of the archeological area of the Piceno. Walking through the historic centers and getting to the heart of commemorations, parade Creative acting arouses a deep passion for the territory of the Piceno and its lively and contemporary culture. Original and captivating theatrical plays, fascinating performances of the street artists, amazing exhibitions and artistic collections. Museum will astonish you with the coloured culture of the Piceno. The traditional concept of museum turns into a cultural container, proposing events, festivals, meetings, laboratories adn didactic activities: a museum you must not miss.



Arriva Piceni.tv in versione italiana, online a breve.

Una finestra sulle Marche, sintesi perfetta dell'arte di vivere italiana. Un racconto per immagini che vi lascerà senza parole.

Un viaggio nel Piceno: persone, storie, risorse e performance artistiche.

Un punto di vista panoramico sulla cultura, il desiderio di approfondire e far conoscere da dentro la tradizione, le prospettive culturali e la creatività di questo territorio.

Piceni.tv: il Piceno che sognate... esiste già.

Per maggiori informazioni:
Consorzio Piceni Art For Job
e-mail: info@artforjob.it

Piceni TV is the result of the real will to join together the different resources that the Piceno area offers: culture, art and creativity.

Behind Piceni TV there is an operative network, a group composed of specialized individuals. It gathers cultural activities of high quality, sharing for the first time the same identity and the same goals.

And they choose to realize this project by means of a really innovative and highly professional platform, whose essential communication channel is the Web and whose main tool is the Web TV: visual, dynamic, direct, free.

The Piceno culture speaks to an international public, as wide as possible, trying to promote a real exchange of knowledge and awareness of its inestimable and peculiar heritage.

Culture means willingness to communicate itself in its own language, revealing the charm of a cultural process in progress: a contemporary system, attentive to the changing prospects, competitive and strategic for the growth and development of Piceno area and of Marche Region.

If you want to get in touch with the culture and the creativity of Piceno area, do not miss Piceni TV!

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The studio's services are directed to television broadcasting, companies, to the television service and in general to all those who are interested in quality productions.

Creativity, technical and organizational capacity and the use of high definition technology are the elements that distinguish all our productions.


Consorzio Piceni Art For Job

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63039 San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) Italy

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Montefiore dell'Aso Trailer

Ascoli Piceno Quintana Trailer

Ascoli Piceno's Art Gallery Trailer

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Carmina Burana Trailer

Piceni.TV Trailer


Piceno Senso Creativo

Piceno Terra Creativa

Piceno Wedding

Cooking to perfection

Beautiful Offida: a passion for tradition

The Ascoli majolica: the colours of tradition

Creating with earth and fire. The pottery workshop

Handicrafts and Excellence: The Piceno Jewels Tradition

The Haute Couture dream: the precious art of fashion in the Piceno area.

The wonderful Goldsmiths handicrafts: Aesthetics and Technique

The Piceno and the art of third firing of porcelain

The jewel is the fashion: In the Piceno the analysis of the perfect accessory

The Energy of gold: the astonishing Piceno's Goldsmith creations

The artistic handicrafts in the Piceno Area: the Energy of tradition


The Piceno people and the Roman Civilization of Marche Region: their history and culture

Cupra Marittima and the experience of the archaeological sites

Into the heart of tradition. The charm of Ascoli Piceno Quintana


The Charm of the Image Theatre: the "Carmina Burana"

Dante's Hell and the creativity of "The Company of Fools"

A date with a dream: the enchanting theatre of "The Company of Fools"

Vittorio Amadio - a voyager who never stops imagining and creating


Ascoli Piceno's Art Gallery: a journey into the beauty of art

Poetry and creativity: the contemporaneous art and Ascoli Piceno

Places and colours of Ascoli majolica: the Museum of Ceramic Art

The secrets of the mill. Handicrafts and science inside the Papal Paper Mill of Ascoli Piceno

Landscapes and culture: innovative journeys through art in Montefiore dell'Aso

Ripatransone: the cradle of art and of the Picenum civilization

The Museum of the Bobbin Lace

Monterubbiano and the places of culture

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