Ripatransone: the cradle of art and of the Picenum civilization

Ripatransone is a small village situated 500m above sea level, only 12 kilometres from the coast. From Ripatransone you can enjoy such a breath-taking view that it has been renamed the Balcony /Terrace of “le Marche” region.

Going up the hills, marked and scratched by the erosion of the badlands named “clanchi”, you enter the village through the old city walls.

Entering Ripatransone feels like being on the scene of one of William Shakespeare’s works. A light mist enshrouds its monuments, evidence of an 800 old history.

Ripatransone has been the see /Bishop’s palace since 1571 and despite its small dimensions, it has kept intact the vestiges of an ancient Medieval village that has been able to reniew itself over time, always keeping its liveliness.
The seat of the Civic Museum of Ripatransone is Palazzo Bonomi Gera, one of the many aristocratic palaces that  overlook the main street.
The Civic Museum of Palazzo Bonomi Gera is one of the first museums to be founded in Italy and it was created as Museum delectat et instruit around 1870 thanks to its director Don Cesare Cellini. The civic collection was later expanded by his benefactor, the sculptore magistrate Uno Gera.

the Civic picture gallery itinerary winds along the ground floor, up the stairs and on the aristocratc floor.

The picture gallery of Ripatransone is divided into historical periods and permits the visitors to learn about different types of painting techiques from the 15th to the 21st century. Among the most famous works we find Vittore Crivelli’s paintings and portraits (a famous painter from Venice from the second half of the 15th century), which stand out for their importance and great beauty.