Beautiful Offida: a passion for tradition

In Offida, the bobbin lace art has been passed down from generation to generation, since at least five hundred years. This art is still present and permeates the whole village, characterizing it with the tinkling of the bobbins produced by trained hands turning and braiding thin threads.

You enter the castle from the door near the rock, created in 1450 by the Florentine architect Baccio Pontelli. By the bulwark you may observe the sculptures realized by Aldo Sergiacomi. Three women: the elder lady, the young woman and the little girl working the bobbin lace: a memorial to this living and yielding art here in Offida.

Women in Offida sit in small groups along the lanes or in little squares sheltered from the wind, working and chattering. The bobbin lace art requires patience and attention; it is a work that preserves tradition and at the same time is able to renew itself, getting inspired by fashion and trends.

Piazza del Popolo, civic and religious centre of the village, seems to have been realized using the bobbin lace. If you take Corso Serpente Aureo, you get to Palazzo Castellotti, the Residence of Nobles, which houses the Museum Centre that belongs to the network of the Piceno Museums.