About Piceni TV

Piceni TV is the result of the real will to join together the different resources that the Piceno area offers: culture, art and creativity.

Behind Piceni TV there is an operative network, a group composed of specialized individuals. It gathers cultural activities of high quality, sharing for the first time the same identity and the same goals.

And they choose to realize this project by means of a really innovative and highly professional platform, whose essential communication channel is the Web and whose main tool is the Web TV: visual, dynamic, direct, free.

The Piceno culture speaks to an international public, as wide as possible, trying to promote a real exchange of knowledge and awareness of its inestimable and peculiar heritage.

Culture means willingness to communicate itself in its own language, revealing the charm of a cultural process in progress: a contemporary system, attentive to the changing prospects, competitive and strategic for the growth and development of Piceno area and of Marche Region.

If you want to get in touch with the culture and the creativity of Piceno area, do not miss Piceni TV!