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Pamela and Federico

Pamela and Federico, all the shades of romance. The journey to church in a carriage, the marvellous cathedral, the ancient splendour of a marvellous frescoed villa. The couple chooses to create an enchanted, dreamlike scenario. The closing celebration  is decked with meticulous detail and elegant nuances cast with soft lights and lanterns, soaring into an […]

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Elena and Mohammed 2018

Elena and Mohammed, from Spain to Ripatransone. A return to ancient origins and lost atmospheres. The sequence of hills stretches as far as the eye can see, dotted with Mediaeval villages. The ideal setting for Elena and Mohammed, for the simple, intimate celebration they have always dreamed, awash with colours, scents and happiness. A wonderful […]

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Emanuela and Andrea 2017

Emanuela and Andrea dream of a ceremony of heartfelt emotions, planned in their homeland, surrounded by their nearest and dearest. Their dream comes true in the magnificent setting of Marche nature: a soft and welcoming embrace. The hills of Offida glow in splendid sunlight during a small, intimate civil ceremony, surrounded by olive trees, the […]

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